Andrea Hegmann

Andrea has a teaching background and trained at Melbourne and La Trobe Univerties. She loves to work with children and leads a very fulfilling life that centres around what she is most passionate about; teaching and horses!

Her aim is to produce efficient, confident riders and confident horses that work well for us.

Qualifications and experiences:

> EA Level 1 (Show jumping, dressage, x-country)
> RDA Level 1
> EA Judge
> EA competitor
> Overseas experience

Alexandra Hegmann

Alexandra started riding when she was 4 years old. She then owned Ming who consistently bucked her off and ultimately turned her into a good rider.

Achieving the following:

> PCAV Instructor Cert 1
> Silver and Bronze Reiterabzeichen (Germany)
> Overseas experience including international competitions representing Australia
> 10 years of instructing (dressage, show jumping and x-country)
> Competing in Australia Pony Club Grade 1, State level and also EA

Lars Hegmann

Lars also got involved with horses at the age of 4, with many hours spent on trail rides with him eventually falling asleep hugging the neck of his pony. Through the years Lars has developed a balance in the saddle and feel for horses that can only come from a lifetime spent surrounded by horses.

With the help of his German Grand Prix level coach, Lars has excelled in dressage, show jumping and cross country; participating in various EA development squads and competing successfully  at Pony Club and EA level competitions.

Now studying full time at RMIT, Lars devotes whatever spare time he has to instructing at Pony Club and Unicorn Valley and is a much loved part of our team.

Carolyn Hall

Carolyn has been with us for many years, having been a big part of Unicorn Valley as we have evolved. Her knowledge, solid teaching technique and feel for horses is evident in the every lesson she takes - experience Carolyn combines with the warmth and understanding of a mother to enable her to train horse and rider to a high standard.

Most recently Carolyn has taken on a leading role with the local Pony Club of about 70 members, a mammoth task requiring a lot of knowledge, patience and remarkable people skills.

Alana O'Brien

Alana had her first taste of Unicorn Valley during a once-off riding lesson during her school holidays, when she was only 13 years old. 10 years on, Alana still continues to be actively involved in Unicorn Valley and even owns her own horse now.

Alana has achieved so much:

> Pony Club, including taking up to 5 horses over the 3 years
> Competing - from Grade 3 - 5 in all events
> Instructing - obtaining her Level O Instructing Certificate, at both Unicorn Valley and Pony Clubs
> Stable hand/assistant at Unicorn Valley every Saturday
> Holiday programs

Andrea Hegmann with a student and Tommy